How to get a loan from the banks as a startup?

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How to get a loan from the banks as a startup?

Many people certainly have the dream of having their own businesses. It is natural for someone to wish for a financial freedom as well as working for themselves instead of doing someone else’s tasks. Even if you have a good business idea and plan, the main issue is mostly the funding. How to build your […]
Happy Guy Loan Approved

Tips for a successful loan application

Many people who are planning to get a loan come up with the same question: how to have a loan application approved? There are certain rules and criteria that should be followed and if you do so, there is no apparent reason why you cannot get a loan. We will be trying to give you […]

What is loan protection and how does it work?

Getting a loan is always associated with certain risk factors. After all, no one can say for sure that they will be able to pay back their loans in the future due to unforeseen circumstances. These can be a severe illness, loss of work or a natural disaster. In these circumstances, the borrower will be […]

Can someone with a loan be a guarantor?

Banks have always been a helping hand in life. It is banks who provide helps out when we are urgently in need of cash. Services that banks offer are mutually beneficial. But what about someone who has taken a loan, can that person be a guarantor? The most interested person in the guarantor is the […]
Can't Pay a Loan

What to do when you cannot pay a loan?

People take loans, and it has become very common. Someone cannot afford to buy a camera, phone or television right now, and saving money takes too long. Of course, there is a consumer loan for these kinds of needs. It has become very natural for everyone to get loans. Most borrowers hope for a successful outcome of the case, for the […]

6 tips for smart spending with credit cards

The attraction of credit cards is coming from the idea of spending the money freely. The most appealing feature of it is being able to make the repayments afterwards. The thought of “I’ll pay it later” becomes a problem after a while – an addiction. It would be wiser to have some self-limitations while using […]
Becoming a guarantor

Becoming a guarantor for a bank loan

A close friend may ask you to vouch for their loan from the bank. Even if you want to say ‘no’ from the inside, you usually give the answer ‘I will’ with a smile on your face. You should think twice before taking on a huge responsibility just to avoid saying no. Friendship does not […]