Personal Loans

Ezy Vehicle Finance has an Australia Wide facility offering the services of a range of Banks and Finance Companies making available Personal Loans, both secured and unsecured, from $5,000 to $50,000. There are times in life when you may need to have financial assistance, but it’s not always that easy to have a certain amount of money that is ready to use. We have you covered all these situations and if you:

  • Need Cash for that Emergency?
  • Taking a Holiday?
  • Need to consolidate your debts and make your payments more manageable?
  • Furniture and Household needs?
  • Home Renovations?

Tailor-Fit Solutions

Whatever your needs, Ezy Vehicle Finance and its team of caring professionals are ready to assist you in solving your Personal Loan requirements. The personal loans in Sydney that we provide are highly competitive and have very low interest rates. What’s even better is that they are available for almost  any purpose.

Different Options

  • Unsecured Loans– Can be used for many purposes including Holidays, car repairs, dental work, home furnishings or renovations etc
  • Secured Personal Loans – Secured Personal loans offer added security to the lender and can allow for a larger borrow if you have an unencumbered asset which can be used as security that you may already own or wanting to purchase ie Boat, Caravan , Vehicle etc.

The Fastest Approvals

You can also get quick Personal loan in Sydney approval over the phone. In addition, our pre-approved loan options offer a very good advantage and help you know exactly the amount that you have to spend. Once your loan approval comes through, the rest of the process is very easy and fast. If you are looking for a pensioner loans, we provide equally fast approvals.

We are highly focused on providing you with the best loan options. For the best Personal Loans in Sydney, call EZY Vehicle Finance on 1300 896 502. You can also make a quick enquiry or contact us via this form.